Monday, 2 May 2011

Final design for wayfinding and the motiff - Dream people

Follow your heart

For the final version of this wayfinder i used watercolour, acrylic and fineliner to create it. I added yellow as it compliments red nicely and creates a strong watered down effect.  The fineliner gives the text a neater, stronger overall outcome. This text will obviously be connected to the 'dream big dreams' wayfinder. I think it has a powerful image to convey and gives the viewer what I aimed to portray.. a boost before they entre their lesson reminding them where their focus should be. I displayed this up and down numerous corridors and walls in the building, i think it would look good if part of it was written on the floor to give it a looser feel.

Dream big dreams

I changed the use of shape for the final text as i showed my design to some people and they didn't understand it. As you see above i'm still going to keep a dreamer standing next to the quote so all is not lost. The text i've toned down but i changed the colour as I wanted to use more than one and the pinky, purple compliments the first sentence. The text i made to look wobberly so it still had a dreamy, floaty look about it. The little dream guy will always match the text whatever colour chosen.

Dream people

My final design for the dream people was created with watercolour and acrylic. Firstly I applied watercolour to draw on the loose outline and drippy effect. Then i shaded a few area with watercolour, finishing up with painting on squares of acrylic to build up a textured, futuristic look. The colours chosen both work well with each other and if i was asked to create more of these i think most would be simply one colour and then just the next shade down. I think i've the idea of the dream people is a postive, upbeat thing to see around school and although it's not very grown up, it isn't supposed to be taken seriously, however we all know if it's now or when we were little we all had dreams we wanted to make real. These guy would be displayed around school simply pointing you in the right direction.

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