Monday, 2 May 2011

Final design for wayfinding and the motiff - Dream people

Follow your heart

For the final version of this wayfinder i used watercolour, acrylic and fineliner to create it. I added yellow as it compliments red nicely and creates a strong watered down effect.  The fineliner gives the text a neater, stronger overall outcome. This text will obviously be connected to the 'dream big dreams' wayfinder. I think it has a powerful image to convey and gives the viewer what I aimed to portray.. a boost before they entre their lesson reminding them where their focus should be. I displayed this up and down numerous corridors and walls in the building, i think it would look good if part of it was written on the floor to give it a looser feel.

Dream big dreams

I changed the use of shape for the final text as i showed my design to some people and they didn't understand it. As you see above i'm still going to keep a dreamer standing next to the quote so all is not lost. The text i've toned down but i changed the colour as I wanted to use more than one and the pinky, purple compliments the first sentence. The text i made to look wobberly so it still had a dreamy, floaty look about it. The little dream guy will always match the text whatever colour chosen.

Dream people

My final design for the dream people was created with watercolour and acrylic. Firstly I applied watercolour to draw on the loose outline and drippy effect. Then i shaded a few area with watercolour, finishing up with painting on squares of acrylic to build up a textured, futuristic look. The colours chosen both work well with each other and if i was asked to create more of these i think most would be simply one colour and then just the next shade down. I think i've the idea of the dream people is a postive, upbeat thing to see around school and although it's not very grown up, it isn't supposed to be taken seriously, however we all know if it's now or when we were little we all had dreams we wanted to make real. These guy would be displayed around school simply pointing you in the right direction.

More designs and trials - development

This is a a mini version of my first design. Very colourful and simple, focusing on bendy text and small shapes. Now i think i need to take the designs futher creating bolder, more exsiting designs.


This trial was experimenting with the use of colour and typography. I also have design a wayfinder here which would more be for decoration around the school representing all the different dreams and ambitions people have. I like the drippy effect the water create but I think it's a bit too gloomy for the school.

This was another trial I did, using felt just felt tips. This is a wayfinder i'd have around the school. I used the same sentence for both ideas this time to focus on the text. This is also when i first started to think about giving my dream person a face. I'm still trying to keep my idea quite loose and flowing.

This trial was looking at shading, layout and colour. I experimented with shape to create different looking dream people.
I like how the colours look next too each other, especially the bright, flurescent ones.

Here i was looking at a more male approach to them giving the little guys an outfit resembling a football kit, slightly stereotypical for boys so i will probably change this. I like how the yellow and the blue work together creating a burning, electric cloud. This cloud would represent a enthusiastic student.

The text for this design is a lot bolder. Still keeping with the curvey, joined up text but making it more loose by having some ink running from the shapes. I like the style of the dream cloud and the heart. It has a beautiful, delicate tone about it. I think the text could be a bit neater.

Here i used lighter brush strokes for the writting but added more water to the text which has created a new mood completly. It looks a lot more sophisticated now, the text looks a lot more serious. Where as before it looked really cheerful. I like this effect but think i could tone it down slightly for my final design. Also the little use of blue adds to the moodiness, as grey is a very dull colour.

Here i brought the watery look further with my dream people. It made my green dreamer look quite depressed, however i like how you can see the detail of the brushstrokes within the watery shadows.

The blue dreamer looks quite happy and the yellow one has no expression as the blot has taken over his face.

The drippy trail suits them and could be there way of guiding people around the school. For the final outcome I want a mix of colour tones rather than just one as i think it will look more interesting.

Evaluation and Inspiration copied from other artists

Evaluation of my work so far

The ideas i've created so far are good but need to be of a higher quality, so it looks professional. The trouble is my ideas are all quite loose so i'm not really aiming for a neat overall outcome. However I know if I trial and experiment i'll be able to develop my idea to a more clear and straight forward design, thinking about what the viewer would see and the impact it would have on them.
I need to experiment with colour, text and shape to create a strong final outcome.
For the remainder of this project i'm going to make designs focusing on the three areas i need to experiment with above. Firstly by looking at some more artists ideas and then by doing my own.

 Ideas taken from Artists in different logo and design books

I liked how the the artist overlapped the different suits this would work nicely as a way finder. This was supposed to be viewed horizontally.

I copied this text as i loved the curviness to the letters and the misterious, middle eastern look of it.

I found the cape typograhy interesting as it was very detailed looking almost symmetrical on both sides. The love fool idea is very clever, it looks as though the words are reflecting each other but however they say different things. This itself is foolish thinking that. The image was sposed to be viewed horizontally but sadly I couldn't get it to change too.

I found this design interesting as the character look like he's bending in to talk to the viewer. It slightly reminds me of the talkin paintings in Harry Potter.

I liked these too characters as the design looks very professional, yet it is extremely simple focusing on small shapes and shading. Sorry about the angle of this image too!

These designs were just simply experiment with shape and colour, creating different strawberry character.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


This is my idea for the motiff. She's a dream girl and you can follow her around the school to find where you need to go. I need to alter the colours to make it more interesting, I want to trial numerous versions of her aswell.

Here's the boy version, so it applied to both genders. He needs to be altered too.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Buildings around my area

Typography designs

Here they've played around with the font size to create different shapes and to make certain words stand out more. Also they chose red as the background colour, which adds to the romantic theme.

In this design they made a gun out of lettering. I especially like how they've used an upside down 'r' for the trigger, it's really creative. I also like how they've spread out the letters for 'bang' which compliments the sound it would make.

I found this design interesting because of  the way they created an actual zebra with only it's name. They've given it a realistic effect by altering the font style, size and colour.

This typography is shaped like the map of the world. The text isn't totally readable, as the font is really bold and overlaps the  country's outline. However it gives it a unique cut out effect. Also I like the simple use of colour here, the colours work well together.

This is my favourite design. The sentence is made from a mix of sweets, creating a bold, bright mix of colours. The background is kept plain, making it stand out and not look over crowded.

Final logo design

For my final design i joined two ideas into one. I like the effect of the paint splattering everywhere, it's exsiting, fresh and colourful. I wanted to keep the design quite free. The different colours represent the the different strands and as the mouth is the most common way of expressing yourself, I thought it suited the school best. The bold, black outline is simple yet makes the shape clear and stand out above the colour.

Logo design trials

I started with a really loose design at first, experimenting with colours and different effects i could create with a paintbrush.

I continued to try out different styles and shapes, as you can see very loosely.

Here i started to think about what i felt Brit was about and the idea of a mouth came to mind, as Brit allows you to express yourself and speach is one of the main forms of expression.

Starting to focus more on a mouth shape, using less colours.

After having trailed styles and colours i focused on getting a sharpe shape for the mouth.

Trailing colours, giving it a more unique look.   

The next thing that sprung to mind was that the text wasn't very interesting, so i kept the mouth design and experimented a bit more with the text.
For my last trail i used a variety of colours to represent different strands and have kept a loose style to the text.  

Evaluate trails