Monday, 2 May 2011

Evaluation and Inspiration copied from other artists

Evaluation of my work so far

The ideas i've created so far are good but need to be of a higher quality, so it looks professional. The trouble is my ideas are all quite loose so i'm not really aiming for a neat overall outcome. However I know if I trial and experiment i'll be able to develop my idea to a more clear and straight forward design, thinking about what the viewer would see and the impact it would have on them.
I need to experiment with colour, text and shape to create a strong final outcome.
For the remainder of this project i'm going to make designs focusing on the three areas i need to experiment with above. Firstly by looking at some more artists ideas and then by doing my own.

 Ideas taken from Artists in different logo and design books

I liked how the the artist overlapped the different suits this would work nicely as a way finder. This was supposed to be viewed horizontally.

I copied this text as i loved the curviness to the letters and the misterious, middle eastern look of it.

I found the cape typograhy interesting as it was very detailed looking almost symmetrical on both sides. The love fool idea is very clever, it looks as though the words are reflecting each other but however they say different things. This itself is foolish thinking that. The image was sposed to be viewed horizontally but sadly I couldn't get it to change too.

I found this design interesting as the character look like he's bending in to talk to the viewer. It slightly reminds me of the talkin paintings in Harry Potter.

I liked these too characters as the design looks very professional, yet it is extremely simple focusing on small shapes and shading. Sorry about the angle of this image too!

These designs were just simply experiment with shape and colour, creating different strawberry character.

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