Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Logo design trials

I started with a really loose design at first, experimenting with colours and different effects i could create with a paintbrush.

I continued to try out different styles and shapes, as you can see very loosely.

Here i started to think about what i felt Brit was about and the idea of a mouth came to mind, as Brit allows you to express yourself and speach is one of the main forms of expression.

Starting to focus more on a mouth shape, using less colours.

After having trailed styles and colours i focused on getting a sharpe shape for the mouth.

Trailing colours, giving it a more unique look.   

The next thing that sprung to mind was that the text wasn't very interesting, so i kept the mouth design and experimented a bit more with the text.
For my last trail i used a variety of colours to represent different strands and have kept a loose style to the text.  

Evaluate trails

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