Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Typography designs

Here they've played around with the font size to create different shapes and to make certain words stand out more. Also they chose red as the background colour, which adds to the romantic theme.

In this design they made a gun out of lettering. I especially like how they've used an upside down 'r' for the trigger, it's really creative. I also like how they've spread out the letters for 'bang' which compliments the sound it would make.

I found this design interesting because of  the way they created an actual zebra with only it's name. They've given it a realistic effect by altering the font style, size and colour.

This typography is shaped like the map of the world. The text isn't totally readable, as the font is really bold and overlaps the  country's outline. However it gives it a unique cut out effect. Also I like the simple use of colour here, the colours work well together.

This is my favourite design. The sentence is made from a mix of sweets, creating a bold, bright mix of colours. The background is kept plain, making it stand out and not look over crowded.

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