Sunday, 10 April 2011

Architecture Research

Pompidou Centre
The National Centre of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou was the
brain child of President Georges Pompidou in the heart of Paris who wanted to create an original
cultural institution devoted entirely to modern and contemporary art.


Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Gianfranco Franchini, the architects of the Pompidou
Centre, designed the building as an "evolving spatial pattern”.
The building is constructed in two
An infrastructure that clusters together the
technical facilities and services,
and a superstructure of glass and steel of 7 levels,
including the terrace and mezzanine floor, which houses most sectors of the
Initially, all of
the functional structural elements of the building were color-coded: green
pipes are plumbing, blue ducts are for climate control, electrical wires are
encased in yellow, and circulation elements and devices for safety (e.g., fire
extinguishers) are red. However, recent visits suggests that this color coding
has been partially removed, and many of the elements are simply painted white.
True to its core mission -
to spread knowledge about all creative works of the twentieth century and those
heralding the new millennium - the Centre Pompidou offers annually to the public,
thirty exhibitions and as many events - fiction film series, documentaries,
conferences and symposiums, concerts, dance performances, educational
activities – both French and international.

Foeger Woman Pure by Pedrocchi Architekten
The thing that struck me most about this design is it's slanted window structure, which makes it stick out more than an average building does. The design is very modern and sophisticated.
Casa das Historias Paula Rego by Eduardo Souto de Moura
The shape and height of this building is quite bulky and plump. As there is only one exit and there are no windows, it gives the impression that being inside will be very clostraphobic . The shape and colour are quite unusual and so gives it a very unique style. The colour looks like raw flesh and the shape could resemble part of a pyramid.

SN.House by atelierA5
This building is made from four floors. It's use of colour reminds me of the ship in titanic. It could also resemble boxes being stacked up on top of each other. There are a lot of sharp pointy edges on this building, giving it a bold sharp look about it.

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