Monday, 11 April 2011

Art Gallery Designs/ Aedas

This is an art gallery in New York. Everything in the gallery is made from recycled material which I think is really amazing. I love they chunky shapes covering in the lighting it reminds me of bubble wrap.

This design was for an art gallery's toilet. I think it's really fun and love the approach they've taken, giving each girl a different expression to laugh about. It looks as though they are behind a slate of glass, even though it's just a print, very clever. 

 Here they have made the room, suit the art on the walls. It's a very icey, cold theme, using lots of silver and white. I like how the tree covers the whole ceiling, filling the room with unusual metal branches. It creates a completly abnormal atmosphere. 


Aedas, a leading international design practice, offers services in architecture,
interior design, master planning, landscape, urban design and building
consultancy within Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

They are committed to their core value of design excellence and are dedicated
to research & development and sustainability.

Their unique framework allows them to apply international expertise in local
economies, supporting the communities in which they work.

Secondary school designed by Aedas
Beis Yaakov High School for Girls was completed in August 2006 at a cost of £5.9m and provides 275 pupil places for the ages 11-16.
The building is located on a brownfield site, previously occupied by a primary school.

Significant features of the site are:
A substantial fall in level from north to south, including retaining walls at approximately midpoint and to the southern boundary

The design of the school fascinates me, as it resembles the
wing and fuselage of an airplane, giving it a sense of freedom and dynamism.
Because this school building is so exciting, I think it would encourage
students to apply for it.


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