Monday, 11 April 2011

Interior designs

I chose this interior from the film ‘Blue Valentine’ – it’s called the Future Room. The main colour theme for this room is blue and silver. These are cold metallic colours, suggestive of a spaceship. The round bed has fitted controls above it, both of which heighten the sense of being in a spaceship.
This is a design I found on Google for a hallway – it has chunky, curved walls giving it a futuristic look. The lighting leads you down the corridor, as do the black spots on the floor. The hint of pink light adds a feminine touch. This design would also not look out of place in a sci-fi movie.
This last design is made from squares and cube boxes with many different symbols displayed. It is restricted to a simple theme of black and white, with many patterns reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphics. This could be a child’s room as all the walls and furniture match.

More designs that inspired me..

  The first interior has a really interesting use of pattern. The chunky black and white stripes lengthen the space, being made to look longer in the mirrors.


The second design's pattern extends round the whole room covering the wall, door and floor. I think this looks really unique and effective. The bright colours that were chosen stop the room from looking smaller.

Interior number three is my favourite design. I like how the room is themed. The use of lighting looks amazing. Instead of using a main light for the room, they've used a lot of small spotlights creating their own shapes. This produces an atmosphere that suits the theme. The design on the floor looks beautiful, being made to stand out by having the purple light shone onto it.

Finally design four inspired me by the lighting idea. I think it would be cool to have main area dimly lit and then halways better lit up, drawing you to them. The design is quite homely.

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